Experienced wallpaper installer
specializing in London wallpaper
installation and wall coverings of all kinds.

We are a London wallpaper installation company that specializes in commercial and residential wallpaper installation services. ZAP Wallpaper Hangers is an expert London wallpaper installer working with all types of wall coverings – hand printed and standard papers.


Proper wallpaper removal is required before every new installation or painting. It is important to remove not only the wallpaper itself but also clean off the wall of all the remaining glue. This ensures proper adhesion of a new wall covering or paint.


Wall preparation before a new wallpaper can be installed and this is a crucial step ensuring long-lasting and picture-perfect results. The surface of a wall should be free of any imperfections in order to eliminate potential air pockets under the wallpaper.


As a reputable lLondon wallpaper installation professionals, we don’t have room for error. Every cut of my clients’ new wall covering is carefully calculated and executed. Everything matches perfectly with painstaking precision. This is ZAP’s definition of quality.


One of the best things you can enjoy about your indoor space is a great paint job. The color and overall look can really set the tone of the room and create a atmosphere. With our professional painters, your room or entire indoor space can be improved in your home.


The appearance of your home on the exterior says a lot about it. You only get one opportunity to make a great first impression on your guests and you wouldn’t want an old paint job to ruin it. If you need a touch up or a full paint job, contact ZAP to ensure a quality paint service.


We ensure our availablity 24/7 (365 days) to fulfil the client order with satisfactory job done in time, our well-Trained painters are dedicated to providing top-notch services for a wide range of painting projects. we can trasform the offices into flawless looking office.


Jobs done on time

We can boast that 95% of our clients receive a completed order on time. We work to improve the remaining 5%.


Happy customer

It’s our goal and desires. Many years of experience make us able to meet our clients’ expectations.


Regular clients

Customer satisfaction means that they return to us with their orders or recommend us to their friends.


We specialize in installation of a large variety of materials and our services include the following: paper, vinyl, acoustic wallpapers as well as grass cloth, fabric wall coverings and film.

All work is performed with the highest attention to detail and is 100% guaranteed. Take advantage of ZAP Wallpaper Hangers, the London based company, that has been in business for 15 years and has an expert level knowledge of wallpapers and installation techniques.

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Over 15 years experience

15 years in the industry really allows us to say “professional” about ourselves. This confirms the number of customers and their satisfaction.

We do not like delays.

We know how important it is to complete work on time, which is why it is one of our main goals.

We can cover all UK

If you live in Cornwall or Yorkshire. It does not matter to us. We are flexible and can do our service even at the end of the world.

We are happy to advice

If you do not know how to start exchanging your wallpaper, we will advise you with everything you need to know. Leave it to us, we will prepare everything for you so that you do not have to stress.